Here at Take 2 we specialise in quality sound recording - from production-perfect radio commercials to TV commercial soundtracks. . . from world class advertising jingles to cutting edge e-learning audio.
If you’re looking for a no compromise approach to audio production, look no further.


Our studios are situated on the edge of the Cheshire countryside, and are equipped with the latest digital audio equipment. At Take 2, quality is paramount, which is why we use leading industry names like HHB, Alesis, Tascam, Shure, SE Electronics, RML Labs, AKG, Beyer, Sennheiser, Tannoy and Revox.

We can digitally link with all major studios and radio/TV stations using the industry standard CDQ Prima ISDN codec, giving instant access to top Equity voiceovers and singers.

Audio can be recorded and distributed in a wide variety of formats, including ftp upload, CD, MP3, Mini Disc, DAT, and ISDN.

At the heart of Take 2’s recording process is the world class SAW Studio digital audio work station. From one line voice recording to full multi track music production, SAW Studio offers complete creative freedom and unrivalled sonic quality.

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