Here at Take 2 we specialise in quality sound recording - from production-perfect radio commercials to TV commercial soundtracks. . . from world class advertising jingles to cutting edge e-learning audio.
If you’re looking for a no compromise approach to audio production, look no further.


Your radio station’s playlist is right up there with the best. . . your presenters sound good and know the area
inside-out. . . your local news service is untouchable. . . now all that's left is to cobble together some ads for your clients.

Strange isn't it? You have a market leading commercial radio station and the only weak link is – the commercials!

You depend on local clients for your survival, yet what do they get actually get to hear for their money? Sadly, in many cases an ill-conceived, poorly written commercial voiced by some ‘wanabee’ with bit of irrelevant library music thrown-in for good measure. Fortunately there is another way.

Here at Take 2 we've years of experience of producing quality radio commercials. . . commercials that work. Each commercial we produce, whether for a national airline or a local garage, receives the same exacting attention to detail. We make local ads sound like national spots. . . and it won't cost the earth!

So, what do you get for your money?
A top flight radio commercial crafted by experienced writers and producers. A commercial using only the best voice talent, the finest commercial library music and sound effects.

Our creative production team is headed by Les Woollam.
Les began his radio career at Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio in the late 1970s. He then established Signal Radio’s widely acclaimed commercial production department (he still has the Sony awards which say his work wasn’t that bad!).
Les founded Take 2 Studios in the early ‘90s, desperately wondering if there was life outside radio. He needn’t have worried, many clients soon discovered that commercials which passed through Les’s hands always ‘did the business’ on-air.

The thing is, at Take 2 we do it a little differently from other production houses.
We look at each radio campaign as an individual project, not just another ‘sausage’ to process. We establish exactly what you want your advertising campaign to achieve, then liaise with you at all stages of the production process - from writing and approving the script, through voice and music selection, to clearing the final commercial. It never ceases to amaze us when clients spend a fortune on air-time only to broadcast a 'woefully inadequate' commercial. Look at it this way, consider the commercial as a car and the airtime as the fuel to make it go. Face it, if you have a car with wheels missing, no matter how much fuel you put in the tank, it’s going nowhere!

So where’s the catch?
For sure, you’ll find people who will make ads cheaper. The current theory seems to go something like, ‘I’ve got Microsoft Word, therefore I can write; I’ve got Cool Edit Pro, therefore I can record; I’ve got a voice, therefore I can voice’. Bingo, every man and his dog can now make radio commercials!

Make no mistake, creating commercials which generate a response is a skill – a skill not learned overnight. Look at it this way - if a member of your family needed an operation, would you entrust it to a boy scout with a Swiss army knife?
Also, we don’t churn-out scripts like confetti. How many times have we heard, ‘Write me 4 or 5 scripts and I’ll see which one (if any!) the client likes’. The script we write for a campaign is the one which we believe represents the correct solution. We don’t believe in hiding one mediocre script amongst 3 appalling ones.

Think back, how many of your clients have dipped their toes in the water and then said, ‘Radio doesn’t work’. Yet another bridge burnt. Yet more ‘bad press’.

The equation’s quite simple. . . .
Client unhappy with campaign = no repeat business
If their commercial hasn’t grabbed the listener’s attention, tempted him with benefits and given him a reason to respond then, for sure, the campaign will fail.

At Take 2 we value repeat business just as much as you do. The majority of our work comes from existing clients, clients who’ve done radio advertising properly, found that it works and come back for more.
Make a list of your clients who deserve 5 star treatment, then call us!

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