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Nowadays, business is increasingly being conducted over the telephone, and callers are spending more time than ever on hold.

No-one wants to put callers on hold, but every day there are times when calls simply have to be put on hold. Many people prefer to hold for a few moments if the person they are calling is on another call. With creative On Hold messages from Take 2 you’re safe in the knowledge that time spent on hold is working for you.

It’s a fact, well crafted on-hold advertising messaging works.
In a recent survey, one in five callers made a purchasing decision based on advertising messages heard whilst on-hold. Think about it, 20% of all your callers placed on-hold increasing their spend with your company – a ‘hit’ rate that other media can only dream of!

On-hold marketing represents unbeatable value for money.
Just compare the cost effectiveness with print which typically reaches a mere 2% of the target audience. . . . On Hold Marketing from Take 2 reaches 100% everytime – guaranteed.
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