Here at Take 2 we specialise in quality sound recording - from production-perfect radio commercials to TV commercial soundtracks. . . from world class advertising jingles to cutting edge e-learning audio.
If you’re looking for a no compromise approach to audio production, look no further.


Throughout the developing world of e-learning, Take 2 Studios is rapidly becoming first choice for quality, cost-effective audio production.

We’ve recorded literally tens of 1000s of e-learning audio files. . . from University level Maths, Biology and Chemistry, to History, English and Geography for Foreign students. . . from insurance induction courses to narrations for the British Government.

But what makes Take 2 so special?

  • Only the best voices. . . voices who ‘engage’ their brains to understand the material they’re narrating
  • Access to a large stable of male and female voices, plus high quality children’s voices
  • Consistent pristine audio quality - levelized and noise-reduced at source
  • Fast, world-wide delivery in either .wav, or high resolution .mp3 formats via secure ftp upload
  • Provision of individually coded files
  • Extremely cost-effective rates

From voice only to full blown production with sound effects, musical idents, and access to a huge library of production music.

The difference between good and bad e-learning audio is like the difference between a good and a bad teacher.

(Screenshots of the Universal Curriculum lessons created by Young Digital Planet)

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