Here at Take 2 we specialise in quality sound recording - from production-perfect radio commercials to TV commercial soundtracks. . . from world class advertising jingles to cutting edge e-learning audio.
If you’re looking for a no compromise approach to audio production, look no further.


Audio visual commentaries, educational audio, corporate presentations, training videos/CD Roms. . . .this type of audio production requires specialist skills. It requires a voice over and producer who fully understand the material they are recording.

Take 2 has a ‘stable’ of world class voice overs immediately available via studio ISDN2e. Recording and production are handled by either Les or Ian who have many years’ experience in this specialised field. 

We can even ‘link’ you to our studios so that you can hear what’s being recorded without having to leave the office!
We can record ‘voice only’, or deliver a full production using music and/or sound effects from our extensive library.

Completed audio can then delivered to you in a variety of ways. . . almost instantly via one of our secure ftp download pages, same day or overnight courier, ISDN etc.

Each day we send literally hundreds of high quality audio files via our dedicated ftp server – a fast, secure, efficient and extremely cost-effective way of delivering audio.

For your next audio production talk to the professionals here at Take 2.

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