Here at Take 2 we specialise in quality sound recording - from production-perfect radio commercials to TV commercial soundtracks. . . from world class advertising jingles to cutting edge e-learning audio.
If you’re looking for a no compromise approach to audio production, look no further.


Take 2 Studios is the brain child of Les Woollam, and was founded in 1993.
By that time, Les had already established a name for himself in the radio production world at Signal Radio, as head of one of the UK’s most widely acclaimed commercial production departments. 
Les’s philosophy with Take 2 was quite simple. . . quality first, everything else second. As Mr. Ford once said, 'Quality means doing it right when no-one is watching' It’s a philosophy which has seen Take 2 grow into the production house of choice for many discerning clients.

The phrase “That’ll do” doesn’t appear in Take 2’s vocabulary. Each project, no matter what the budget, is given the same exacting attention to detail, the hallmark of every audio production we undertake.

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